FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to download any software?

No. SimpleChex is a Software as a Service which means all you need is a connection to the internet and a laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone connected to a printer.

Does my credit score matter?

No. SimpleChex does not require a credit check or approval. There is no application process which makes this a great business payment solution!

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. SimpleChex is a monthly subscription service.

When can I start taking payments?

Today! Simply create a User Account and get immediate access to begin taking customer information over the phone, by fax, or online.

How does my customer sign the check?

While banks do not require a physical signature on the check, your customer will be able to sign the check online. If you take your customer’s information over the phone or via fax, SimpleChex will print a disclosure statement on the check signature line that is acceptable by banks.

Do I need special check paper?

Currently, yes. You can buy check paper at any office supply store or even online at stores like Amazon.com. We recommend the use of Form #7000 – No Signature Line. You can search this form number (Check Paper Form #7000) in your web browser and get several compatible options. You will be able to print 3 checks to one page. At last verification, Office Depot was using Item# 637500 for the Standard Blue Business Check 3-page.

How do I get my customer’s information?

You can accept information over the phone, by fax, or through your own online form that can be embedded into your website or social media account.

Is the customer information secure?

Yes. Our software is encrypted and all information is processed on secure servers.

Can I keep a history of my customer payments?

Yes. You’ll be able to sort images of each check pdf by Customer Name, Date, or Dollar Amount. For added protection, you’ll also have access to the customer’s IP Address of the device that originated the check.

Can my customers authorize recurring payments?

Yes. We currently allow a customer to authorize a monthly recurring payment. You will then have permission to create a new check each month without additional action by your customer. We are working on the ability to offer customers other recurring frequencies as well.

How long does it take to setup an account and begin taking payments?

Less than 5 minutes. Simply create an account and begin accepting payment information and printing checks!