How it Works?

SimpleChex is the alternative payment solution for small business and high-risk industry merchants. This Software As A Service (SAAS) product is an easy to use, no installation, no transaction fee, subscription-based online check writing software. Your customers simply provide you with their bank account information that gets processed through the secure software then allows you to simply print the check and deposit as usual.

Deposit in Branch or Mobile

Simply print the check that your customer created online, or that you created in your back end. You can then take the check to your bank and deposit as usual or save time by using your bank’s online mobile deposit right from your home or office. SimpleChex gives you the ability to select from a variety of check paper sizes and styles available for purchase on-line or at your local office supply store. If you elect mobile deposit you’ll simply print the check image on plain paper.

Signing the Check

When a customer creates the check online, SimpleChex captures their signature electronically and places it on the signature line of the check. When the merchant creates a check for the customer from a faxed form or phone call, a bank approved pre-printed statement authorizing the bank to honor the check will appear on the signature line of the check. When using the pre-printed statement option, it is always best to have the client sign your form via fax or email.

Customize Your Client’s View

SimpleChex allows you to customize your client’s view when using the online check option. It also allows you to place your logo and colors into your back end for a proprietary look and feel.